List-Grow 2.0 Will Close FOREVER In:

This Is Your FINAL Chance To Take List-Grow 2.0 And Learn How To Build A Large Audience And Email List… Fast!​

Here's what you get:

Module 1: We’ll create and confirm your perfect business idea, evaluate the competition and learn how to stand out from the crowd, and purchase the perfect domain name and create your custom email address. 

Module 2: We’ll create your list-building funnel from start to finish. We’ll start by creating your high-converting capture page, and your first split-tests. We’ll setup your MailChimp account and create the perfect email template for all of your future broadcasts. You’ll learn how to write compelling subject lines, and learn how often to communicate to your list, and what to say.  

Module 3: Now we’ll create the perfect Member’s Area for your new customers. We’ll setup your private community, and I’ll even show you how and where to get a world-class logo created for your business so your Member’s Area will look professional and polished. We’ll also signup for your first merchant account, create your sales page and sales video, your annual upsell page, checkout page, and order confirmation pages. By the time you’re done with Module 3, you’ll have a complete and working business ready to build your list and take orders! 

Module 4: You’ll learn how how to build a business and a reputation that lasts. We’ll dive into customer service, required legal documents, creating fans for life, and ways to increase the value of your list and your business through service. 

Bonus 1: Get a 33% discount and save $500 when you sign-up during this week’s final registration period. (Perviously, all students have paid $1,497 to $2,997 to take List-Grow). Your price today is just $997!

Bonus 2: Get access to my “Black Book” swipe file of 7 and 8-figure sales presentations and scripts. This bonus is worth the price of the entire course alone. You’ll get access to all of the email campaigns you’ve read about, including both “Palm Beach” promotions that produced over $1 Million in affiliate commissions. You’ll also receive copies and scripts for all of my 7-8-Figure sales webinars and videos for Magnetic Sponsoring, Elevation Group, List-Grow, LFP, and more! Simply model what I wrote to create your own high-converting sales  marketing funnel. 

Bonus 3: Done-For-You Traffic. Once your business is up and ready for traffic, I’m going to give you the contact information to the two Facebook Ad Agencies that run all of my paid traffic campaigns, so they can run yours as well. 

Bonus 4: My “Win No Matter What!" Money Back Guarantee. Not only does your purchase come with my no-questions-asked money back guarantee, but I want to make sure you WIN no matter what, so I’m also going to throw in an extra $100 in cash if List-Grow does not meet your expectations. So either you WIN and learn how to build the business of your dreams, or you will get 100% of your money back, plus an extra $100 out of my pocket just to say thank you for time. It is an unprecedented guarantee for an unprecedented product.

What Previous List-Grow Students Have To Say…

“I've been through other programs where I had so many questions, but Mike does such a great job of making everything crystal clear.”

“2 years after receiving Mike’s mentorship, I was able to quit my job as an engineer and I created a company that has produced over $20 million in gross income.”​

“If you want to change your life or change your results in business, then there’s nobody else I can think of that will help you more so, thanks Mike Dillard.”​​

I signed up for List Grow in response to a Facebook ad. I was skeptical because I had already tried several programs both in person locally and online from most of the big names with big promises, but none worked because my business was “unique from others”, so one one could help me.

The truth was that I was not clear – not on the niche, not on how to deliver to that niche, not on the true product. Oh, I knew what I could offer and the result I wanted people to have, but how to do it?

Once I dove into the program – oh my! List-Grow is absolutely unbelievable.

What a sweet deal for the entrepreneur! Mike literally walks you through the entire setup of your business, step by step, on his dime! All you have to do is do the work. Not necessarily easy, but the investment you made is good incentive to do what you expressly want to do anyway.

Mike literally walks you through the entire setup of your business, step by step. All you have to do is do the work. I’m a fan and you should be too. This program is the best out there that I have found. It literally got my online business off the ground when nothing else could.

Thank you, Mike!"

– Denise Martin

"List-Grow has been the most effective and easy to implement online course I've ever studied. You feel like Mike Dillard is actually in the room helping you click-by-click to implement the strategies that took him from being chump to champ.

I'd recommend this course to anyone looking to start an simple, elegant business online… Thanks Mike!"

– James Brinkerhoff

"When I first met Mike, I was looking for a mentor, someone who could teach me how to develop a business in the internet. I registered to his List Grow Webinar and in that precise moment I knew he was the one I was looking for as he gave me something very important, credibility.

I have already finished the course and have now a Business running thanks to Mike's training! It is really amazing!

I can't be more grateful to Mike Dillard not only for being a great teacher but for being a great man."

– Paula Tamarit

"Hands down, Mike Dillard's "List-Grow" course is the most comprehensive yet easy to follow course that takes you from "project to product" step by step.

The copywriting module and swipe file is PRICELESS, because Mike brings you into his secret vault of multi million dollar sales copy examples. Thanks again Mike!"

– Bryan Clark

"If you want to transition from being a 'dabbler' to a 'doer', get Mike's List-Grow 2.0 course. Mike's step-by-step videos gave me the confidence and tools I needed to successfully complete my first webinar funnel. You'll cut out weeks of wasted time and unnecessary frustration thanks to List-Grow 2.0!"

– Josh M

"I am extremely pleased with all the materials and information that Mike Dillard has sent me so far. It is precise, easy to follow and very complete. His directions are very easy to follow and I have nothing but praise for Mike Dillard, as I consider him a very competent, honest, sincere person and businessman. I would recommend him and his work to anyone."

– Patt Condiotti

"This course is so easy to fit into a busy schedule! The videos are short and concise, so I can squeeze this program in while my wife and I work full-time, plus raise 3 kids, plus work on our side business. Thank you for this amazing program!"

– Tim Tuinstra

"Mike, your step-by-step instructions, click here and there videos, and the resources so far are invaluable. I wish you had come out with something like this even sooner! This is just the kind of course I've been looking for.

I would highly recommend this to anyone starting out, or even has a business or a presence online as Mike delivers much more as he goes along."

– Bradley Jones

"The #1 quickest way to get customers? Mike Dillard's List-Grow program. Mike's style is straightforward, practical, no hype, and perfect for those that want results in both a short, yet sustainable way.

The swipe files and content alone are worth the program cost, but Mike's insights and strategy is what makes the program priceless. Get in the program and learn from a legend how to grow a list! I did!"

– Shannan Collins

"My first encounter with Mike was through the List Grow webinar. I recall being drawn to Mike's style in the way he calmly taught that workshop. No hype, just great content and some real eye-openers for me.

Since then, I have been following Mike and realized eventually that the List Grow course was the right move for me and my online music business. List Grow is in many ways more than I was expecting.

Mike says he would walk us through step-by-step, pretty much like we're looking over his shoulder as he sets up a new business model, and he really delivers on that promise.

But I was not expecting quite the personal growth that came with it. Mike is correct when he reminds us that through this List Grow course, we will end up with new skill sets that we can use across industries.

One of the challenges in the course (regarding writing effective sales copy) that Mike warns us not to skip, is the very step that I think most folks would leave out, but in doing it I have come to see that it is an absolutely golden opportunity and feature of this course!

Having completed the course, I am now more confident in preparing video sales pages, thanks to the treasure trove of scripts that Mike includes, and of course, the icing on the cake is that I now have a working, effective online business model and practically for free, as Mike also delivers on his promise to repay those who complete the course in full. Very happy with this experience overall."

– Sean Jackson

"If you want the keys to the Internet Kingdom you'll find them right here. A clear concise map on how to DO IT!

The value of this information cannot be overstated. You get years of hands on experience and knowledge on this subject and the tools to use in a matter of a few hours. Thank you Mike for including me in your program and helping me and my marketing team."

– John Webber

"What I also consider the most valuable part of the List-Grow training is that Mike actually gives you all his copy, sales letters, video scripts and screen shots from inside of his actual business.

With that information I was able to have a better understanding of how everything really works and used his materials as a template to create and use for my own business. This saved me tremendous time and frustration that I would not have been able to figure out otherwise."

– Marcus Holliman

"As usual, Mike under promises and over delivers. His step-by-step visual approach makes it ridiculously easy to replicate. You just copy what Mike does.

He even creates a fill-in the blank sales letter template so you can just plug-in your specific business and offer. If you are serious about growing your list, there is really no reason to waste your money and more importantly, your time, with any other approach.

Just copy Mike, one of the most successful internet marketer and list growers around…"

– Mauricio Rauld

"I love how List-Grow has a clean, organized format. It's like peering over Mike's should while he's on his computer, and that I can view or review the videos at my leisure…"

– Peter T.

"Wow. List Grow really is all encompassing! I had already figured out what I wanted to offer the world, but Mike's program even has a way to assess the strengths you bring to the table and how to determine what your offer is going to be.

From there the List Grow modules take you through each step to create a program. It is like a "paint by numbers." Just watch the videos one by one. Do the steps and voila. Your program is created.

Mike is very good at pointing out the places where we might trip up and walking us patiently through it all."

– Matti Anttila

"I really appreciate what Mike has created with List Grow, he is an inspiration! The program is an absolute must if you want to create an automatic online product. It was very very helpful to have the videos and him explaining everything step by step.

Nothing like this is out there and it is amazing that Mike has decided to support entrepreneurs in this way!"

– Micaela Passeri

"I can't recommend the List Grow course more highly. Thank you Mike Dillard for putting together such a comprehensive step-by-step course that has helped us to master ClickFunnels and create a recurring revenue stream for our business.

I am always apprehensive when purchasing online courses, but this program has been a game changer for our business!"‍

– Kirsten Driscoll

"I have worked with Mike Dillard for several years but his list build program is the best I have embraced. It is absolutely amazing! If you want online business success make certain you work with Mike. You will never be disappointed."

– Robert Johnson

"I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for List Grow! By following your step to step guide I have not only created my very first sales funnel – I have begun a business that I believe will change my life!

Finding the motivation to carry through with List Grow whilst trying to build the business, run a household with three small children, a husband working away as well as working two jobs was tough!

But your easy to follow instructions and concise lessons helped me through!

I can't wait to finish the next stages of Holistic Parenting so I can fly to Austin and shake your hand in person.

Thanks again Mike!"

– Yvette Paget

"I came across the List-Grow program by chance and I'm so glad I did. This program showed me exactly how I was running my business as an amateur and the best way to take it to the next level like the pro I wanted to be.

Using the step-by-step videos I was able to essentially create my business from scratch to a working funnel that was providing my customers with what they needed in a way that made sense and made money.

I'm not going to say the List-Grow course was easy, but the amazing sense of achievement I felt at the end was absolutely worth it. I'm a busy stay at home mom of two small kids, trying to build my business in my spare time. Literally, if I'm able to do it, anyone can.

Mike's program is easy to follow, comprehensive and Mike explains exactly what to do and why. His swipe file was unbelievable value by itself and a welcome part of the program.

I highly recommend this program to anyone ready to take their business to the next level.

Thanks so much, let me know if you need anything else!!"

– Emma Calvert

"When I first found Mike's List-Grow course, I think on Facebook, like most of us, I was fairly skeptical at first. There are so many marketing offers out there that they all seem to blend in. But, for some reason something resonated in me enough to keep me watching the webinar. It began to make sense to me, especially when he did the math.

Once I started watching the videos, I was hooked. They're extremely clear and descriptive. He speaks to you as if you're in the room, one on one. It feels personal. And he makes you feel as if you, too, can get it.

But, he is clear that this is WORK. And it is. Because I had to DO the work MYSELF, I learned so much more than if I were sitting in a conference room listening to someone. And each time I got stuck, I watched the video again until I understood it.

In the end, whether my idea will work isn't the point… It's the skills I now have that I never would have without the List-Grow course.

You can trust this guy, he's the real deal. We need more Mike's in this world…"

– Lewis Dennen, President

"I just wanted to send a note to thank you for List Grow. I'm someone who is very hesitant to purchase online programs (especially at this price point).

When I purchased List Grow, I had a vision for a product I was going to create, but then my idea fell through.

Then, I started helping a family friend who has a energy healing business. She is not tech savvy at all, but said she wanted to start an online community and asked if I'd be her business partner. So I flew back through your training videos and quickly worked to help her get her online community launched late February.

I just looked at the Stripe reports now that it's been running for almost a year and her online community has made $25,000, ($13,000 of that was just during launch week). I know for someone like you, this isn't much money, but I really see it as a huge success for us.

This was our very first online product, and it certainly paid me back the original cost of your program and supported the cost of the tech with money to spare. I know we wouldn't have been able to do this well launching our very first web product without List Grow.

Now that we're coming up on one year, we're making plans for what's next. More important than the money, you've made us feel empowered, successful, and encouraged to keep finding new ways to reach people doing the work we love. If people are willing to put in the effort, List Grow works. Thanks so much for sharing and for convincing me to buy it!"

– Kelsey Lundberg

"I completed all the List-Grow modules and passed the Implementation Challenge!

I have never felt so empowered to build an online business as I do now. I know that any of the ideas that I have for information products and coaching services can now be addressed by following the step-by-step methodology that is so clearly laid out in the course.

In four words: IT IS WORTH IT."

– Geoff Hopkins

"Mike Dillard is so much more than a successful entrepreneur. In my view, he embodies the ethics of business and life that serve as the strongest examples of how we're going to move our culture forward in a positive matter: transparency, authenticity and empowerment.

What Mike is doing is inspiring on so many levels. Firstly, it's immediately apparent that he knows what he's talking about and is sharing valuable, actionable information with an easy, relaxed manner. I've gone through every step of completing his "List-Grow" program and I can verify that it is exactly what he says it is.

But beyond that, Mike shares so much of what he knows so freely and openly as to leave the only thing standing between a person and implementing what Mike knows is their own work ethic and dedication. If you're up to the task of making a commitment to yourself, Mike is going to give you everything you need. The only question remains is whether you're willing to put in the work or not.

I purchased List-Grow in May of 2017 (after sitting on the fence thinking about it for 5 months) and finally completed my first two funnels that December.

I'm just completely impressed with Mike all around. We need more like him. I very much look forward to making him proud by running with what I've learned from him so far and by helping as many people as I can in kind all along the way.

Thank you, Mike. Keep up your great work."

– Kevin Bulmer

"I had no list, and no knowledge of how to build an audience that would buy my product. In my search to figure out where to start I came across Mike's ad for List Grow. I enrolled in the course and started building my product step by step.

Mike's easy to follow videos became my bible and in a couple of months we launched. Four months later we have grown our list to over 7,000 leads which is increasing everyday.

There is no way we could have seen results like this without List Grow."

– Scott Bowen

"After several years and numerous courses bought, I got Mike's List grow course. It is by far the best, step-by-step course out there for getting you from "I have an idea" to a fully operating online business.

Mike literally leads you through every step of the way, and makes it as easy and simple as it can be. If you are thinking about getting List grow – don't think any more. Just get it and thank me later!"

– Amir Pozderac

"List Grow has been a tremendous gift for me as it has provided me with a step by step process for transitioning to an online business and growing a list. List Grow is a how-to system with hidden gems of wisdom dripped in as only someone with true knowledge can pull off.

Mike Dillard is both authentic and real as it is clear he has walked the walk.

Thanks so much!"

– Richaed Siperko

"I just completed my sales funnel and community site as a member of List-Grow. The program was very beneficial, and I recognized a couple aspects that contributed the most.

1. Having the step-by-step modules made certain that I didn't miss anything in the process. Not having to go back and try to figure out a step was very beneficial.

2. The videos that showed exactly what to click and type as Mike setup a system allowed me to complete most of the work without having to figure out all the underpinnings of the framework. This drastically reduced the learning curve.

I want to thank Mike for the extremely comprehensive program that allowed me to do for myself what I would otherwise have paid thousands of dollars to hire someone else to do. As a bonus, I now have the skills and tools to repeat the process for other projects.

This was the best program I have ever experienced."

– Joe Shrewsbury

"This is the most intuitive step by step program I have taken. As it covers all components of starting an online business model for anyone to successfully set up and succeed.

The video tutorials are extremely well done in guiding you through with supportive documentation containing proven examples as a guide, that alone by itself is worth gold."

– Karl Tettmann

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    Not only does your purchase come with my no-questions-asked money back guarantee, but I want to make sure you WIN no matter what, so I’m also going to throw in an extra $100 in cash if List-Grow does not meet your expectations.


    So either you WIN and learn how to build the business of your dreams, or you will get 100% of your money back, plus an extra $100 out of my pocket just to say thank you for time.


    It is an unprecedented guarantee for an unprecedented product.



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